Homebuyers of Greenopolis project in Gurugram demand delivery of flats

Around 150 home buyers of the Greenopolis project in Gurugram’s Sector 89 gathered at the project site and demanded that the project, which has been delayed by over eight years, be completed, and the flats be handed over to them as they have been waiting for long. According to homebuyers, the developer did not allow them entry into the projects previously, stating that the matter was sub judice and they needed to wait for directions from the court.

The Greenopolis project was launched in July 2011 by Orris Infrastructure, which entered into a joint development agreement with a third party, Three C Developers, to build 1,826 flats on 37 acres of land in Sector 89. The matter went to legal disputes after Orris and Three C Developers developed differences over the project, and the construction was stopped. The flat owners, after that, approached the court seeking relief, after which Orris, which holds the license for the project, agreed to complete the three phases of the project and hand over the units to buyers in 2022.

Deepika Mohil, a buyer, said that around 150 buyers, primarily those who bought the flats through Three C Developers, had gone to the project site to witness the construction on Sunday but were denied entry. “Most of us have paid ₹80 lakh to ₹90 lakh to the developers, but still, the flats are not being handed over to us,” she said, adding that they are ready to forego the delay penalty and even pay a little more but want the developer to give them their flats.

Orris Infrastructure said on Sunday that the matter was sub-judice and under consideration by the Supreme Court. “The home buyers had informed on Saturday that they wanted to visit the site, but we asked them to wait till directions are issued by the Supreme Court,” a statement issued by the developer said.

Orris Infrastructure also said it had rendered possession to all its 526 buyers and 50 families living there.

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