Gurugram: DTCP tells architects to follow rules strictly

GURUGRAM: In a move to tackle irregularities while issuing occupation certificates under selfcertification scheme, the department of town and country planning (DTCP) on Monday held a meeting
with architects and directed them to follow the norms strictly during the process.
Architects in the meeting urged the DTCP to create two lists of work — one containing the minimum
work required on site and the other with tasks that are not required to be done on the site — for issuing
OCs. The lists will be finalised and submitted to the district town planner’s (DTP) office by Wednesday.
“The team of architects discussed various aspects of finishing work in buildings, which will be
documented and submitted to the DTP. Consequently, all architects also deliberated on points which
should be added to the list and excluded,” said district town planner (planning) Rajesh Kaushik.

DTCP officials said all new submissions for occupation certificates are being checked in accordance with
the norms to ensure all guidelines are followed. The architects, however, said they were not being provided the list of OCs as promised by the department. On November 16, 2022, the DTCP had given powers to architects to issue OCs to residential buildings under the self-certification rules.The architects, after issuing OC under this rule, had to submit the file to DTP (planning), DTP (enforcement) and STP office. The enforcement team can then check 10% of the buildings that have been issued OCs.

“Though the DTP had promised to share the list of OCs granted with the architects, we have not been
provided it. Now, we plan to meet senior town planner Renuka Singh to solve the issues. If she denies our
request, the association will approach DTCP director TL Satyaprakash,” said an architect.

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