RWA seeks camp to resolve errors in Gurugram civic body’s new property IDs

GURUGRAM: The DLF Qutub Enclave RWA on Wednesday wrote to the MCG commissioner
urging him to hold camps to resolve errors in new property IDs created by the civic body.
According to the residents, the new property IDs issued have wrong names and addresses and
there is a lot of confusion on filing the property tax dues.
MCG had completed the property tax survey in February after which the civic body had issued
new property IDs.

“I have been receiving frequent queries from residents about rectifying errors in the new
property IDs. Most of the residents call up to highlight how the new property IDs have the wrong
details of their properties. Their property dues are linked with the old IDs, but they have to make
payments with the new ID, so it has confused the residents, especially senior citizens. I have
told the MCG officials to provide the space to conduct camps so that the residents can get their
errors rectified,” said Dhruv Bansal, spokesperson of Qutub Enclave RWA.
Earlier too the residents had demanded to hold camps but MCG had not given any reply on the
“There are inaccuracies in the new property IDs generated, which are bound to happen when a
new survey takes place. When the surveyors went to collect data at some houses, the residents
did not provide the relevant documents. At others, tenants were residing so they too could not
provide the correct data. However, now that the residents have highlighted the issue, we are
taking up their objections. We will organise camps too as demanded,” said a senior MCG

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