Residents of DLF-1 want Gurugram civic body to set up waste processing unit

GURUGRAM: Concerned over irregular garbage collection and improper waste disposal, a group of DLF-1 residents has launched an online petition to garner support for effective implementation of the Solid Waste Management (SWM) Rules, 2016. The residents have demanded that the civic authorities set up a decentralised resource recovery facility in Ward 34. The online petition has collected over 200 signatures. Although many residents have adopted waste segregation at source, further management has become a problem in the absence of separate collection, they claimed.

“While the civic body is preaching waste segregation at source, the garbage which we segregate ends up getting mixed and eventually lands up in landfills.We will take this petition to the chief minister as well,” Poonam Jain, the general secretary of the DLF-1 A-block extension RWA, said.

“Waste collection has been irregular . MCG’s sub-vendors aren’t being properly trained and lack monitoring,” said Anand Mishra, a resident of DLF-1. When contacted, ward 34 councillor Rama Rani Rathee said, “We are encouraging residents to adopt waste segregation at source and coordinating with MCG officials to ensure only segregated waste is collected separately. MCG has also
issued challans to some vendors who have been violating the norms.” MCG, meanwhile, said the civic body is already working towards decentralised waste management to reduce the burden on the Bandhwari landfill. “Material recovery facilities at three locations have already been approved,” joint commissioner (headquarters) Hariom Attri said

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