Now, onus on joint commissioners to recover property tax in Gurugram

GURUGRAM: The MCG has delegated the powers of monitoring and management of property tax, rent and trade licences to joint commissioners owing to the low income generated from these categories.

The zonal taxation officers will now work under the supervision of the joint commissioners and ensure better recovery of arrears, said MCG officials.

“During the review meeting with the additional commissioners and joint commissioners, it was observed that the income under the head of property tax, rent and trade licences was not encouraging and arrears are piling. Little efforts are being made to recover the arrears. So, there is a dire need to expedite the recovery of arrears,” read the order issued by MCG commissioner Mukesh Kumar Ahuja.

MCG had estimated revenue of Rs 1,103 crore from the property tax in 2020-21 fiscal year, however, it could generate only Rs 250 crore. The income from property tax in 2021-22 is estimated to be Rs 1,235 crore.

The income from rent of shops and community centres was estimated to be Rs 3.62 crore in the last fiscal year, however, could generate only Rs 2.65 crore and this year’s revenue from the shops has been estimated at Rs 5 crore.

In the 2020-21 fiscal year, MCG had estimated to generate revenue of around Rs 15 crore from the trade licence fee, however, MCG could generate only Rs8.29 crore. For 2021-22 the estimate stands at Rs 12 crore.

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