Master Plan 2041 for Greater Noida is to be ready shortly

The Master Plan 2041 of Greater Noida, a blueprint for future development of the industrial town so as to cater to an expected population of 4.74 million by the year 2041, will be finalised and notified soon, said officials of the Greater Noida authority on Tuesday.

In 2011, the town had a population of 660,000 people and in 2021, it rose to 1,273,800. By the year 2041, the city will be developed to accommodate a population of at least 4.74 million as per by the draft Master Plan 2041 projections, which was approved by the Greater Noida authority board on August 12.

As per the master plan notification process, the authority will now address the objections and suggestions raised by the general public against the draft master plan, and then in a month finalise the Master Plan 2041, paving the way for the further expansion of this industrial town located between Noida and the Delhi-Kolkata railway line.

The town of Greater Noida was established in 1992 by the Uttar Pradesh government on 31,591 hectares of agricultural land, and the town is around 11000 hectares bigger than Noida, where no industrial land is left to be allotted for setting up industrial units.

The Greater Noida authority is now left with no industrial land for setting up more industrial units, said officials. As a result, the Uttar Pradesh government decided to expand this industrial town by approving Master Plan 2041, which will see the town expand by an additional 39,733.09 hectares.

“This expansion will happen around Dadri and it falls between Delhi-Kolkata railway line and Hapur-Bulandshahr road near Golaothi town. Once we address all technical objections.suggestions to the draft master plan 2041, the blue print for the development will be sent to the Uttar Pradesh government for a final approval. Once approved, the land will be acquired for further work on this mega project that will cover a large part of neighbouring Bulandshahr,” said Leenu Sehgal, general manager, Greater Noida authority.

The draft master plan has earmarked 17.4% of the total area for residential use, against 22.4% area earmarked in the 2021 plan, said officials. The new 2041 plan has earmarked a bigger area for industrial use with 25.4% of the total area of 39,733.09 hectares being earmarked for the same. This was only 18% of 31,591 hectares in the 2021 master plan, said officials.

However, green area has reduced in the 2041 draft master plan with 18.5% land left for developing recreational green area, as opposed to 22.36% that was kept aside for the purpose in the old plan, said officials.

A copy of the draft master plan can be obtained from the main administrative building in Knowledge Park-4, Greater Noida, or view the same at its portal https://www.greaternoidaauthority. Residents can also send their objections/suggestions to [email protected] till October 20, said officials.

“There is a transit oriented development (TOD) approach for Greater Noida’s second phase expansion bringing people and jobs closer to mass transit systems. The Master Plan 2041 will create synergy between the land use and transport within the planning area. This is a critical paradigm shift that can potentially improve public transit ridership, reduce vehicular congestion, vehicular emissions and offer ease to people in the long run,” said an official not authorised to speak to media.

“This will be facilitated through higher FAR norms and compact mixed-use development. Necessary augmentation of infrastructure will be taken up by respective service providing agencies. Green buildings and environmental conservation will be made applicable as per the new master plan,” the official said.

“The Master Plan 2041 marks a major shift from mono functional land use planning to mix of multifunctional land uses. Such approach facilitates vertical and horizontal mixing within buildings in the identified areas,” the official said.

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