Chintels Paradiso developer opposes revision in compensation rate

The developer of Chintels Paradiso apartments has objected to the revision in the rate of compensation offered to flats owners of Tower D, who have been asked to vacate their homes owing to structural and safety issues.

The developer has written to the district administration in this regard on Tuesday, asking authorities to ensure a “fair rate of compensation”. The developer said the initial compensation offered was 5,200 per square foot but after flat owners turned down that offer, the government-appointed valuers revised the rate to 6,300 per square foot, which the developer has now opposed.

The Tower D of the Chintels Paradiso apartments, which has 64 flats, has to be demolished as per the recommendations of the structural audit carried out by experts from IIT-Delhi.

The district administration had ordered a revaluation of the flats of Tower D following complaints by owners that these had not been valued properly, and that the compensation rate was too low as compared to the market rate of similar properties in the same area.

The developer said they offered 5,500 per square foot but some of the owners refused to accept even that.

Chintels India Pvt Ltd further wrote that from initial valuation to the third, the rate has increased and consequently, the price of flats in Tower D has increased by over 30% more than what the owners had paid for each unit. But even the new rate of 6,300 per square foot has not been accepted by flat owners

“We are in close touch with both the authorities and the affected residents. There are a few unaffected residents who are making very unreasonable demands. However, we are positive that we will soon come to a reasonable compensation amount with most of the residents. And as far as the CBI [Central Bureau of Investigation] probe is concerned, we have full confidence in the agency,” a spokesperson for Chintels said.

The developer also said they have offered to provide temporary accommodation to affected flat owners Towers E,F, G and H but very few residents have shifted to these residences arranged by the builder. “Once again, we reiterate that in the event of any future accident, we cannot be held responsible since we have done our best to persuade esidents of these towers to move and also cooperated and paid for the ongoing structural audit by IIT-Delhi,” the letter by Rakesh Kumar, senior manager, legal, Chintels India Ltd, said.

As per the latest report, since the plot of Chintels Paradiso project in Sector 109 has roads on two sides, the value of the Tower D has been revised by 18 crore. The valuer has also added an interest component on the value of plots, at the rate of 10% for 11 months, and this has added an additional 10 lakh, on average, to the price of each flat.

When asked about the letter, Sandeep Barsayain, a flat owner in Chintels Paradiso, said they have discussed the matter in detail and it seems that the developer is not inclined to pay a fair compensation. “We have decided not to seek any compensation but we will now demand reconstruction of the towers, which have structural problems identified by IIT-Delhi. Also, flat owners should be given alternative accommodation by the developer till new flats are built and handed over to them,” he said.

Rakesh Hooda, president, Chintels Paradiso residents’ welfare association, said allegations levelled by the developer were false. “We refute these allegations and demand strict action against the developer. Strict action should be taken in this matter by the authorities,” he said.

Nishant Yadav, deputy commissioner, Gurugram said that they will ensure that a fair decision is taken without any bias. “The compensation offered will be fair,” he asserted.

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